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Guillaume Bounoure was born in Lyon in 1978 and Chloé Genevaux in Strasbourg in 1984. They met in 2005 on the Cantercel experimental architecture site. They began to fold materials in 2006, making sculptures and installations, a practice that they continue until now.

Bounoure & Genevaux are architects. They have been exploring the theme of folds for the past fifteen years, which has profoundly changed their perception of the world.

They developed algorithms for modeling folded structures, research which gave rise to a doctoral thesis (PHD). Then they explored the possibilities of folding as an innovative technology. They have notably been missioned as experts by Airbus to optimize their planes. They  also have written books, including The Art of folding vol 2 published by Gallimard Alternatives. Today they devote themselves exclusively to plastic creation. Geometry turned into gesture: they chose to follow their intuition. It is the “less” that creates the space for renewal.

In 2019 they receive the Art Prize of the city of Strasbourg at the European fair ST’ART. In March 2020 at the Collectible international trade fair in Brussels, the curator Jean-François Declercq gave them carte blanche to invest the Atelier Jespers, a modernist heritage built by Victor Bourgeois in 1928.