[ Silent movement ]

When our clear perceptions are reformed, they still trace a fold which now separates the consciousness and the unconscious, which connects the small pieces of surface into a large surface, which moderates the speeds, and rejects all kinds of small perceptions to do with others the solid fabric of perception: the dust falls, and I see the great fold of the figures as the background undoes its little folds.


Gilles Deleuze, LE PLI – Leibniz and the Baroque

The main thing is not to look but to feel the presence of the emptiness. The perception of the same art piece is constantly evolving with space and time. It’s alive !

The works of Bounoure & Genevaux arise from encounters with reality. The fold is the imprint of their two bodies on the surface. The fold transcends the scales from the infinitely small to the infinitely large: from the folded universe to the swirls of DNA. The fold is also the metaphor of an experience of reality as a continuum: the monad of which Leibnitz speaks, in short, a contraction of the whole to become the part.

The white surface, acting like an infinity of small mirrors, reflects the environment like what lines the inside of the soul with which the monad, closed in on itself, perceives the world in small fragments. The pleated mirrors in which we do not see our reflection, raise the question of the influence of the observer point of view on the experience. The compositions or folded apparitions by the two artists are therefore fragments of infinity, without right or left, up or down, they open the doors to a new, multimodal perception.